Clan Rules

Fair Play

  • We fight fairly and honorably in every war.
  • Members will absolutely not use second accounts to spy on opponents in war.
  • Members will absolutely not use any hacks/modifications, such as sandboxing.

Army Composition Guidelines

  • TH7’s must strictly use all dragon attacks (no archers).
  • TH8’s may use dragons/hogs/gowipe or any strong hybrid attack. Mid level TH8’s need to stop using dragons and move onto more sophisticated attacks(Hogs).

War Attacks

  • Lower level players are expected to ask for advice before attack. We are here to help you improve your war attacks.
  • We expect higher-level players to attack higher-level bases, so as to not waste potential attacks of lower players.
  • If applicable, make sure to watch each and every replay pertaining to your target before attacking. You should never make an attack that is identical or use the same strategy to a previously failed attack.
  • Lower level players must make a reasonable effort to get their attacks completed early into the war. We need to finish these attacks quickly in order to properly plan out our higher level attacks.
  • Everyone must be open to constructive criticism at all times; 3-star attacks are no exception. Please ask for feedback on all attacks that go poorly.
  • Against weaker opponents, practice attacks are allowed after cleanup is completed. This should be used as an opportunity to practice new strategies or to use your main attack against a tougher opponent.


  • Please both request and donate as much as possible; most of us use cc troops for raiding. We have no donation ratio requirement, but try to keep it reasonable (anything better than 1:20 donations to requests is fine).
  • War cc’s are expected to be filled by the higher-level players. If it is late into preparation day, then we will ask that the lower-level players help finish up the donations.

Troop Upgrades

  • We expect war upgrades to be prioritized over farming upgrades, to a good extent. New TH7’s should get lvl2 dragons asap, and new TH8’s should max either dragons or hogs asap (usually dragons).
  • Mid range TH8’s should begin maxing hogs or gowipe after finishing basic farming troops. We expect maxed TH8’s to have more than just dragon attacks at their disposal.

Building Upgrades

  • Priority should always be given to upgrading air-defense towers, due to the sheer volume of dragon attacks we see.
  • Slightly rushed bases are absolutely fine and encouraged only when war offensive troops are maxed out at your town hall level.
  • Always prioritize offensive upgrades (camps/lab/spells/cc) over defensive upgrades.